Thoreau’s politics

6 07 2009

After a literature review, this paper provides an overview of Henry D. Thoreau’s political philosophy, with emphasis on the concept of civil self-determination, which Habermas sees as comprised of both private and public autonomy, and which is present in Thoreau’s own work. I argue that he was not an anti-social anarchist, or even a pure liberal individualist, but that along with the main liberal themes of his thought there is also a democratic, even communitarian strand. Finally, I identify and describe a tension between democratic and liberal themes in both his work and contemporary Western politics, thus highlighting Thoreau’s relevance.


Thoreau on health

19 05 2009

Casado da Rocha, Antonio. 2009. “The Value of Health in the Writings
of Henry D. Thoreau”, Environmental Values, Vol.18, No.2, May 2009,